Showing at the Trinidad Film Festival 2013

Dance is the story of the ballerina Dai Ailian (1916–2006), who was born and raised in Trinidad before emigrating to China. Considered China’s mother of modern dance, she was the first person to bring western ballet to the country, in 1940, and would go on to co-found the National Ballet of China and the Beijing Dance Academy.

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Director, Janine Fung:
Writer/Producer/Director/Editor. Based in Toronto and Trinidad. Janine’s critically acclaimed short films LEFTOVERS (1994) and 4AM (2011) both had their World Premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011 and 1994.

Her films have been internationally screened in London, New York, LA, Toronto, Berlin, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Montreal, Vancouver, Trinidad, Toulouse and Croatia. LEFTOVER’S was sold to the Women’s Television Network (WTN) in Canada.

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