When I first saw CAFD (Caribbean Academy of Fashion Design) student Adrian Foster's origami style shirts and shirt dresses with intricate details and folds in the chest, the first thing I thought of and remembered was seeing trendy school kids iron folds and geometric patterns into their school shirts. It was a short term trend and at the time I just thought it was creative but a waste of time (I was a nerd). I wasn’t actually in Secondary school at the time, I had just about finished with that phase of my life but I watched with curiosity as they paraded down the East-West corridor.

Not only Adrian’s folds and details attract me however. I’m a white shirt fan. I’m obsessed! I love classics and well tailored basics. That and his pops of colour and obvious sense of style has me keeping an eye on this Caribbean Fashion Designer.

All photos are borrowed from Adrian Foster’s fb and instagram.

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