Machel Could Never Beat BLUE.

Forget all the rumors of Machel being Kamla’s “boy”, of him being “in” with Munroe, of him being the best performer in Trinidad, of him being untouchable. Forget the talk of Super being drunk at a bar, a no-show to events, a washed-up, good for nothing, a druggy who can’t sing. Forget all the talk and re-live their performances. Machel pumped the crowd up, he “flew” like he’s done before. Super walked onstage and the choreographed crowd vibrated the stadium, vibrated the city, vibrated the nation. With no special effects, no fancy strings, nothing but his passion, Super painted the venue blue. It was exhilarating, the chants of the masses, the feeling of love, the pulse of the people. Men, women, old, young - containers of talc, bottles of water. The adrenalin pumping, everybody bouncing. For one night my blood gushed blue, the high priest of soca was onstage, my heart leapt, it was all surreal and I knew that if any judge had said that Superblue wasn’t a winner bedlam would have ensued. I am not a judge, but I am a spectator and I need to pay credit where credit is due. Any drunk, any doctor, any footballer or secondary school student could have told you - Machel could never beat Blue. -
Keriness Santana

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