A Designer on an Island.

by the Designer of designerislandlife.com

I am thinking
about Origin.
And Identity.

I am thinking
of my grandmother.
About how she
grew, was raised
married and birthed her four children
in Grenada.

I think of how
she has been
for longer than she has been
but she has the most
and brave
understanding of home that I have ever known.

Home is her family, of which she is matriarch.
Home is Grenada, of which she will always belong.
She taught me that home
can be many places,
many people,
a scent, a dream,

Sometimes I ask her about her youth.
She remembers the country.
The tenor of her childhood.
She remembers her parents.
They live in her still.

I am thinking of my mother.
She tells me that when I was an infant
a stranger said to her
“Like you make dat chile for yourself!”

I am thinking
of the truth in that.
of how we have the same
speech patterns, intonations,
mother I
have your face,
the same
long-ness, the narrowness.
We would have the same eyes
if it weren’t for the different crosses we have been made to bear.

I like to think that we love the same.
I feel your loneliness in my bones.
But you raised me
so that I can love
through warfare.


I am thinking
of fatherhood.
of Origin, and
I have
picture of my father.
I think that maybe
the slant of his nose
is somewhat approximate
to mine.



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